Thank you for considering a donation to the campaign.  Your financial assistance helps to make sure we will have elected officials that truly represent the people and not a party or just one or two issues.  Gastonia is a diverse city and we still have a lot of work to do and your contribution helps keep Gastonia great!

Due to sign ordinance changes (good changes) in Gastonia, political campaigns have gotten more expensive.  Campaigns and candidates have to use methods that in the past were not necessary and often not used because of their expense.  Your financial contribution is even more important this campaign than ever before.  Every single dollar counts.

Thank you for you continued support.



For your convenience and and security we accept contributions securely through ActBlue and PayPal.  By clicking on the ActBlue logo or the Donate Now in the PayPal box, you will be directed to a secure ActBlue or PayPal site.  If you prefer, you can also mail checks (no cash, please) to the campaign address below.  Thank you once again for your contribution and your support.

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Mail Contributions to:


Citizens to Elect Todd Pierceall
936 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Gastonia, NC 28054

*Please do NOT mail cash - all contributions must include the name of the contributor, and your occupation (or retired). Contributions must be from individuals and not companies or businesses and they can not be made out on a company or business check.  Thank you for your cooperation and your donation!


PayPal is a secure sight for payments and all information is encrypted and totally confidential.  By clicking above you will be redirected to the secure PayPal sight. Thank You for the support.

Campaign contributions of $50.00 or less may be made in cash.  Contributions must be reported accordingly to campaign finance law.  Contributions have a $5,400.00 limit per individual. Contributor’s name, address, and occupation (or retired) must be listed.  Contributions can be made by individuals only and contributions cannot be made by a company, a business, or any other entity other than an individual or political action committee.  If one or more individuals are listed on a checking account please indicate which individual is making the contribution.  Campaign finance reports can be viewed at the Gaston County Elections Board located at 410 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC, 28052.